• Personal Chef Services: to comply with the U.S. Health Department regulations, and to carry industry specific insurance, Chef Janice is required to cook in your home.

The duration will vary depending on the package you select and the complexity of your menu.  Typically, Chef Janice will be in your home preparing your meals anywhere from 2 to 6 hours.
No special equipment needed.  During your FREE in-home consultation, Chef Janice will discuss which equipment and storage containers you would be willing to allow her to use. Otherwise, Chef Janice will bring everything she needs.
Absolutely!  Chef Janice is willing to shop for you on a specific budget, at specific stores or at a variety of stores/farmers markets if that's what you desire.  For a 4 day meal package, shopping primarily at a normal grocery store, groceries should average around $80-$100 per week.

*Chef Janice will discuss all of the options with you during your FREE in-home consultation.

Chef Janice will email your invoice within 24 hours of your cook date, detailing the service fee and grocery expenses.  Payment can be made with Zelle, Venmo or Pay Pal, before confirming the next weeks menus, 48 hours prior to your next cook date.
No contract is required.  When we first agree to work together, Chef Janice will place you on her regular schedule of clients.  That being said, Chef Janice understands that life happens and situations can change.  All she asks is that as a courtesy, you provide at least 2 weeks notice if you choose to cancel your services.
That is completely up to you.  During the in-home visit, you and Chef Janice will discuss how she should enter your home if you are away.